As a composer, Jonathan has written music for film and theatre.  In 2012 he composed and conducted an original score for a nine-piece chamber group in the ground-breaking theatre piece “Homo Economicus”.  In addition, his original contemporary classical pieces are premiered frequently around Los Angeles.  These pieces represent a wide variety of ensembles from solo piano to a 20 piece large ensemble that features elements of improvised conduction and a spoken word artist. 

Here is a trailer for the avant-garde play "Homo Economicus" written by Billy Mark. The play was presented in a historic bookstore in Downtown Los Angeles and featuring my original music.

"Cochlear Implant" is a piece I composed for a chamber septet. It is a 30 minute trance/meditative/just intonation listening experience.

I composed it to "bypass" our traditional sense of listening to music, and hopefully lull the listener into a deep conscious state by letting the frequencies and textures wash over them. Put on some headphones, or hook up some good speakers, lay down, and have fun!

"Cochlear Implant" was recorded live at the MorYork Art Gallery in the Highland Park neighborhood of Los Angeles on July 3rd 2015.

It features:

Christine Tavolacci – Flute

Erin Armstrong – Clarinet

Brian Walsh – Clarinet

Gavin Templeton – Alto Sax

Jon Armstrong – Tenor Sax

Eric Clark - Violin

AJ Fanning - Cello