Creative Underground Los Angeles is an arts collective that works to bring artists together in creative, productive and interesting ways.  This is done through artistic collaborations that cultivate idiosyncratic, forward-thinking, rigorous work in any field.

The collective consists of some of the most exciting and daring artists all over Los Angeles.  

Creative Underground Los Angeles

Here is video from our recent performance at the Hammer Museum for their JazzPOP series.  

Set One consists of jazz quartet Slumgum collaborating with three fantastic contemporary musicians.  Karina Kallas on Voice     Christine Tavolacci on Flute      Eric KM Clark on Violin

Each member of Slumgum arranged a new piece of music for this set that was based on CULA member Laura Bahr's poem Seeds.  The arrangements consisted of original compositions that were submitted from members of CULA.  

The performance is as follows:

"Acorn" - Arranged by Trevor Anderies from compositions by Cathlene Pineda and Jose Gurria-Cardenas

"The Remains of What Was" - Arranged by Rory Cowal from compositions by Eric KM Clark and Cathlene Pineda

"Jazz Malpractice/3 Prayers" - Arranged by David Tranchina from compositions by Cathlene Pineda and Jose Gurria-Cardenas

"Below Ground....Above Ground" - Arranged by Jonathan Armstrong from compositions by Dorian Wood, Cathlene Pineda and Eric KM Clark


Set two of the Hammer performance is:

"WOOPS!" - A pastiche graphic improvisational score comprised of excerpts from woks by Cathlene Pineda, Eric KM Clark, Jose Gurria-Cardenas, Eron Rauch and inspired by a poem by John Skipp. Compiled and Arranged by Daniel Rosenboom

Part I - 0:00
Part II - 6:34
Part III - 12:10
Part IV - 16:09
Part V - 18:46
Part VI - 22:20
Part VII - 25:23
Part VIII - 28:54
Part IX - 35:08

Dorian Wood - voice
Gavin Templeton - alto sax
Brian Walsh - bass clarinet
Alex Noice - electric guitar and FX
Cathlene Pineda - wurlitzer and FX
Kai Kurosawa - bear trax (tap guitar) and FX
Matt Mayhall - drums
Jose Gurria - "tribal" drums
Daniel Rosenboom - conduction and trumpet